John William Lindsay 

I will have an announcement very soon about sales of my work.  This  will include furniture, signs & cribbage boards!  Stay tuned !

"Just because a tree appears dead,  has fallen over, or been damaged, doesn't mean it's life is over. I'll find something that it can become so that it can live another hundred years - maybe more"

What can I do for you?

One of a kind creations in wood . . .

Feel free to take a look around, and contact me if I can help you!

There isn't much I haven't done, or techniques that I haven't developed that apply to varying projects.  Whether it is a chair, a turned vessel, or bending the wood for the Milwaukee Public Museum's featured King Tut's chariot in the Crossroads of Civilizations Exhibit, feel free to contact me for that special piece of furniture, accent piece or custom display case for your special collection.

Wood has always intrigued me.  Starting with orange crates from the corner market, my interest and opportunities grew slowly.  A project for my girls with pine from the lumber yard and borrowed tools, picking up a used tool now and again.  It was a chance encounter with a friend that clicked all kinds of switches in my head - we attempted to make ski-waxing benches out of hard maple.  The project was less than successful, but the friend, Phil Van Valkenburg was trained as a machinist, and he pointed out to me that precision machining principles could apply to wood - what has followed is a great adventure fueled by curiosity and challenges.