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Where I work . . .

My wife and I live in the country midway between the two small towns we grew up in.  The quiet environment offers us the privacy we relish, and allows us to meet our worlds on our terms.  My shop isn't large but it is equipped with everything from 18th & 19th century hand tools, (some from my great grandfather and even a hand plane known to be from my great great grandfather) to the most modern power tools, including a CNC router with 48" x 54" capabilities.  I built the shop (my third) the way I wanted, mostly by my own hand.  The things that I left to others were those that required a ladder.​

   Art in Wood

John W. Lindsay 

I do what I do every day because I am passionate about possibilities. About figuring things out.  Making things out of wood.  Not lumberyard wood, but wood that might well be burned where it fell if someone didn't say, "Hey can you make something out of this?"  Some of it is art, some of it is craft, and some of it is butchery.  I love it all.  And I owe it to the man who has always had his hand on my shoulder, my Dad.  People say that common sense is genius in it's working clothes.  Dad was a genius in working clothes.  Whether it is building a chariot, or building a CNC router, his words echo in my head, "Sonny, there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it."  Many people have influenced me.  There's a list.  He's on the top of that list.

  • Lathe work - segmented turning, spindles, furniture parts, vessels and bowls. 
  • Furniture - period chairs, occasional tables,  - especially things no one else would think of! 
  • CNC Router work - inlays, wooden signs, plaques, brass and copper engraving - if you can imagine it, I can probably do it.
  • Component parts - I regularly duplicate repair parts for musical instruments, replacement spindles and parts for chairs, stools or tables - the old favorite chair isn't necessarily off it's rockers for good!
  • ​Institutional work, including museum quality components, restorations and upgrades.

why I do what I do . . .